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Admissions to the North London Rudolf Steiner School Admissions to the North London Rudolf Steiner School


Admissions Procedure

The North London Rudolf Steiner School operates a socially inclusive admissions policy that does not select children on the grounds of gender, ability, race or religion, subject to the school’s ability to meet the individual child’s needs. We will also take into account the needs of the children who are already in the group. The school considers all children as having individual needs and aims to meet those needs in the best way possible, taking into consideration the child's age, developmental stage and other circumstances.

Admission enquiries and applications need ideally to be made before the start of term. Although admission to the school at the beginning of term is preferable, this is not a fixed policy. Children are also admitted at other points in the term at the discretion of the school. We recommend that applications are made as early as possible. Acceptance of the application in no way obligates the school to enrol your children.

Subsequent to your enquiry (telephone/correspondence/email) an information pack will be sent to you. This  contains a school prospectus, an application form, the admissions procedure/policy and our current fee schedule. Once your application form and administration fee (£40.00 non-refundable) has been received, you will be contacted by email to confirm receipt of payment.

The next step is to attend an ‘Open Afternoon’ to meet and talk with our teachers, learn more about the school’s philosophy, provision and parental involvement. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the school, the educational ethos or your individual child’s needs. There will also be a tour of the premises. Presently we hold two open afternoons per term. For dates of forthcoming sessions please see ‘Open Events’.

When a place becomes available or the child reaches the appropriate age, the relevant teacher will contact you to arrange a meeting and the school bursar will discuss financial details with you. These meetings normally take place at school and/or in your home and are an opportunity to pass on more detailed information about your child, to find out about how the setting works and how the school can best meet the needs of your child.

Transition reports from a child’s previous school, including direct contact with staff if appropriate, will need to be obtained.

If you have further questions please contact the school via the office and we will arrange for a teacher to speak to you.