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Celebrations & Festivals Celebrations & Festivals

Celebrations & Festivals

The nine celebrations & festivals celebrated in our school each year are special times when children, teachers and the whole school community can reconnect with the spiritual rhythm of the year and with each other.

We mark the festivals with special decorations, food, songs and stories, and the children are always involved in the preparations. Some of the festivals are held out of doors, often in the local woods. As the children go through their years in Kindergarten, they begin to remember and look forward to the festivals and to rejoice in the recurring pattern.

Our festivals have for the most part grown out of the Christian tradition. However, we celebrate them in a nature-based rather than a religious way, and seek to bring out in each one the symbols and images that speak to our common humanity. Each changing season enfolds an idea that has meaning for human lives. In celebrating the festivals, we endeavour to bring the mood and purpose of the season into an imaginative picture.

The main celebrations and festivals are:

  • Michaelmas (September)
  • Martinmas (November)
  • St. Nicholas (December)
  • Advent (December)
  • Easter (March/April)
  • Mayday (May)
  • Whitsun (May)
  • St. John’s Day (June)
  • End of School Year Celebration (July).


Exact dates for these festivals in the current academic year can be found under ‘term dates’.