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Community Community


The children, staff members, parents and friends make up the School Community. The school community is an essential part of the life of our school and parents can be involved in many ways. A main feature of Steiner schools worldwide is the active participation of families in school life. Together we share the joy of working and celebrating together, the challenge of building a strong school and a unique opportunity to grow and learn.

Each class has one or two parent class reps who welcome new parents and help them to settle in the school community.

Parental Involvement

Our school has a diverse range of families from many different cultures. Parents are invited to participate in festivals and special occasions throughout the year.

We ask all families to contribute in whatever way they can to sustain our lively school community, for example by helping with organising fundraising events, by supporting our school support teams such as the school library, our crafts team or by volunteering as parent helpers. There are many opportunities/ways to get involved!

Supporting your child at home

Parents are acknowledged as the child’s prime carers and first educators. Our teachers take into account parents’ observations when observing, assessing and planning for individual children. At all times parents are invited to take an active interest in ensuring that they feel fully informed of their child’s experience at school. Together with the teacher parents form a secure support for the child.

Above all, parents play a vital role in building a bridge between home and school. They can help their children’s development by creating a rhythm and routine in daily life which establishes good habits. Giving the child experience of loving and firm boundaries for behaviour will provide a sense of security. We also encourage parents to foster imaginative and creative activities at home.


Fundraising is intrinsic to the school’s budget and we ask all families in the school to help us with our efforts. 

Our School currently holds two major events, our ’Summer Fayre’ and our ‘Winter Fayre’. Work for these events continues throughout the year.