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What is Steiner Education? What is Steiner Education?

What is Steiner Education?

Steiner Waldorf education is a unique and distinctive approach to educating children.

Steiner Education respects the essential nature of childhood and enables each child to develop the abilities and confidence needed for life. This is achieved through an integrated curriculum, which is responsive to the developmental phases in childhood. Subjects are introduced at age-appropriate stages and formal learning does not begin until age 6/7.

The teaching methods place emphasis on the whole development of the child, including the child’s spiritual, physical and moral well-being as well as academic progress; an education for ‘Head, Hands and Heart’, which nurtures children in becoming balanced, well rounded, confident individuals.

Steiner schools are always co-educational and welcome children from all cultures and faiths.

Rudolf Steiner’s philosophical ideas, known as Anthroposophy, are not taught at Steiner schools but form part of the teachers’ training.