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The first Waldorf School in Stuttgart was run by a group of ‘Colleagues’, without a head teacher, and this principle has been adopted by a large majority of Steiner schools everywhere.

The professional community of the North London Rudolf Steiner School is also organised collegially, without a head teacher. This role is represented by the ‘College of Teachers’. All executive decisions are taken by consensus by the College of Teachers; supported by our Trustees who have the legal responsibility for running the school.

the trustees

The school has three appointed trustees who have the legal responsibility and provide support and advice in both legal and executive decision making in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the school. In particular, the Trustees have legal responsibility to ensure the Charity does what it was set up to do - namely to be a school run on the educational principles inspired by Rudolf Steiner. They also need to ensure that the school meets all the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Independent School Standards. In addition, the Trustees also have the responsibility to ensure that the income, capital and expenditure of the school all effectively serve this purpose.

The contact details of the Chair of Trustees:

Dr Sue Peat
2 Houston Road, 
Forest Hill, London SE 23 2RN

The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers (often referred to simply as ’College’) is composed of senior teaching staff and the school administrator. The College is involved in the development and direct implementation of the goals, objectives, policies and procedures of the school, including curriculum development, staffing needs, professional development, finance and pedagogical matters. Meetings are held once a week after the morning session throughout the school term. Other staff members and parent representatives are sometimes invited to join part of the meeting for feedback and planning. The College is supported by The Resources Team.

The School’s mandate holders

Mandate holders are staff members who hold defined areas of responsibility such as health and safety, food hygiene, child protection or statutory requirements relating to the early years curriculum. All mandate holders report to the College and share their knowledge with the Faculty of Teachers.

The Faculty of Teachers

The Faculty is composed of all staff directly involved with the children. The Faculty meets weekly; meetings provide opportunities to assess children's progress, share experience and knowledge, deal with daily pedagogical management issues and to evaluate practice.

All individuals working for our school are committed to continuous personal and professional development. Our teaching and management practices are reviewed and supported by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF).