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Our indoor & outdoor environment Our indoor & outdoor environment

Our indoor & outdoor environment

We know how sensitive and easily over-stimulated young children are. In our school, their developing senses are protected and nourished by soft colours, natural textures and a conscious striving for beauty in words, gestures, songs and stories. Flowing paints, the warmth of wood and wool, the cool weight of stones, the smell of lavender all make for deeply satisfying hands-on experiences. In each class there is a home corner, an area for floor play and for building large constructions, as well as a quiet corner and an area for the table activities.

The rhythms of each season in nature are very much a part of the life of our school. The school has a sheltered outdoor area for play and work where the children can climb, hide in bushes, sit in a quiet den, play in the sand or dig in the digging area. There are composting areas, water butts and vegetable and herb beds. The outside area also includes a purpose built outside classroom which can be used for woodwork and other such tasks. It houses an earth oven where the children bake bread.